Weight Loss Tips


1. Have Breakfast Every Single Day

Make it a practice to have breakfast, however stressful your routine may be. If need be, make the preparations for your breakfast a day prior as this will help you quickly cook up a meal without having to skip it. Breakfast keeps you full for longer hours too, so be diligent about it.  

2. Eat Meals at Regular Intervals

Keeping your stomach empty for longer hours will make you crave food unnecessarily and at odd hours. To reduce your hunger pangs, maintain a sufficient gap of 2 hours between each meal and a bigger gap of 4 to 6 hours between the 3 main meals of the day. This way, your body will always stay satiated and your metabolism will continue to work.  

3. Increase the Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables

Low in calories, veggies and fruits are high in fiber and contain vitamins and minerals in abundance. Instead of depending on packed snacks, you can simply replace them with salads and whole fruits. This will help you eliminate unhealthy foods and help you increase the fiber and nutrient intake of your body.   

4. Hike up Your Fluid Intake

Did you know that water actually helps you burn fat? That’s right! Increase your water intake in a considerable way when following a healthy diet plan for weight loss. Drinking 3 to 4l of water every day helps release toxic wastes from your body and also increases your muscle elasticity. To allow your body to function with ease, remember to drink ample water.  

5. Increase Cardio Activities

There is a misconception regarding exercises as people usually believe that only intense exercises help with losing weight and staying healthy. In reality, consistently following a simple and easy workout routine helps just as much! An example of this is brisk walking for 30 minutes a day to increase your body’s well-being and keep your weight under check. Walking is an excellent cardio exercise, and it will complement your weight loss diet plan greatly.  

6. Bring Home Food that is Fresh

When following a healthy diet plan for weight loss it is important to be mindful of the food you consume. This starts with the ingredients you purchase or the vegetables and fruits you buy from the market. Increase your intake of seasonal produce and try to buy ingredients that are not packaged. The fresher the ingredients, the higher will be their nutrition value. Make it a practice to read nutrition labels if you are buying packaged food, sauces, or mixes. This help you get the calorie and other nutrient information, so you know that you’re spending money on something worthwhile. 

7. Avoid Junk as Much as Possible

Along with banning preservatives in your daily diet, you should also put a check on the junk food you eat. Decrease your consumption of chocolates, biscuits, sweet fizzy drinks, chips, and the like. Instead of looking to snack on these items, you should opt for healthy snacks, such as fruit and nuts. Increase your consumption of yogurt or curd to satiate your hunger instead of depending on packaged food.  

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