5-Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Following a healthy diet plan for weight loss, forces us to pay attention to what we put into our bodies. Diet is usually regarded as a way to starve your body so that you begin to lose weight faster. But when it comes to a diet plan for weight loss, you should embark on a path that is sustainable and has the right food for your body to get the necessary nutrients.  

While adopting a weight loss diet plan primarily means staying away from packaged meals, restaurant food, or highly processed snacks, it does not mean that you can’t indulge in your cravings once in a while. Decreasing your consumption of these is important because they are fattening and are harmful to the body in many ways.  

So, to keep your body active and healthy with a long-term diet plan for weight loss, you should choose a balanced plan that helps you add certain foods that you are extremely fond of. Quick fixes will only help in the short term, but they can have a lasting negative impact on your health. You may also get tired of eating foods that you normally don’t enjoy, and this may demotivate you from following the diet plan in the long term. Take a look at the pitfalls of unhealthy eating habits, and how to eat right with a healthy diet plan for weight loss 

Day 1 

  • Start your day by drinking cucumber water 
  • Then for breakfast have 1 bowl of oats porridge with skimmed milk 
  • Have a bowl of dal, sabzi, and 1 roti or 1 cup of brown rice for lunch 
  • For dinner fill your plate with a bowl of dal, sabzi, and 1 roti  
  • To satisfy mid-meal hunger pangs try snacking on fruits, 1 glass of buttermilk, or one bowl of yogurt 

Day 2 

  • Start your day with cucumber detox water or one glass of lukewarm water in the morning 
  • To bring in some variety to your breakfast try consuming a mixed vegetable chilla along with curd (Avoid pickles initially, but you can add pickles to your meal once in a while at a later stage) 
  • For lunch, have one bowl of palak pulao with dal  
  • At night, skip the roti and instead increase your intake of vegetables 
  • You can include paneer and sautéed vegetables in your dinner

Day 3 

  • On the third day, you can skip Indian food and include multigrain brown bread toast and a bowl of fruits in yogurt for your breakfast 
  • For lunch, introduce sautéed vegetables along with paneer and have 1 small bowl of rice to compliment your carbohydrate requirement 
  • For dinner, try some panner curry with a bowl of vegetables (You can consume any type of vegetable as per your palate and cravings) 
  • For snacking, depend on fruits and yogurt or buttermilk 

Day 4 

  • On the fourth day, start with a milkshake containing lots of nuts as well as your choice of fruits; you can also have a stuffed omelet with cheese, mushrooms, and onions  
  • For lunch have a big bowl of urad dal, veggies, and paneer paratha  
  • For dinner, you can have half a bowl of rice, and for protein include palak chole 
  • For snacking continue eating fruits, yogurt, or buttermilk

Day 5 

  • Start your day with a glass of low-fat milk and veggie upma for breakfast 
  • For lunch, you can have a stuffed roti alongside a paneer bhurji with veggies  
  • For dinner have 1 roti, 1 bowl of dal or yogurt, and 1 sabzi like a beans curry or baingan bharta 

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